100th Post: Takuyung Siruk

Or Siput Sedut (“sucking snails”), as some people call it, because you suck the snails out to eat them.

These are river snails, extracted from the muddy banks during low tide. Escargot a la Brunei! Very earthy flavour. Haters will of course say these taste like dirt. It’s a matter of opinion really.

Here’s what you do. Clip the tip of the pointy shell. Rinse. Sauteed with a bit of garlic, ginger, cut chilli, lemongrass and soy sauce or kicap manis. OR you could go to a seafood restaurant near you and order a plate – much easier if you’re averse to a culinary challenge.

But I got the education of my life last month when we had these buggers. My cousins pointed out to me that I was doing it all wrong sucking the mollusc out from the clipped end. Apparently they slip out easier from the wider base of the shell. I knew that!


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