Creativity? Or simply bananas?

My abang took me out for minum patang at the coffee-house di ujung kampung yesterday – a place I do not visit too frequently, mainly because that’s the usual haunt of some old retired teachers convinced they still look cool riding their pretend-Harley Davidsons in their stinky fake leather jackets, fist-bumping each other away. I’m sure all the girls go weak in the knees seeing their turkey necks flap around in the wind like that.

But there I was yesterday, and my abang said the cucur pisang was really good there. So, seeing I had no pride left just from being there, I agreed to ordering two portions.

As soon as the orders arrived, two things immediately sprang to mind:

First, each portion was really just a small banana sliced lengthwise into five pieces, dipped in batter, deep-fried and sold for $2.50.

Second, why the fook is there grated cheese on my cucur pisang??

I’m all for culinary creativity and improvisations, but this really takes the biscuit for me.

I’d not yet recovered from the mild shock of being served a re-packaged banana for $2.50, and there I was having to grapple with another conceptual conundrum.

Anyway I gave it a go and here’s my verdict: As far as cucur pisang goes, it was nice and crispy though the banana would have been nicer if it was just little bit more ripe. But I couldn’t get my head around the cheese thing. It didn’t improve the taste of the not-sweet-enough pisang, instead made it rather savoury for my liking.

It makes you wonder though if certain restaurants are over-stretching their creative brain cells, or if it’s an attempt to appear “up-market” by adding a Western-derived ingredient, hence giving them an excuse to charge you a lot for what really amounts to just a tiny banana?

I know, I know, it’s just cucur pisang- STFU and just eat it for God’s sakes! But maybe I’m just displacing my “annoyance” at the geriatric HOG-wannabes on to the innocent banana. Kesian eh pisang.


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