I love Ubi!

There, I said it before and I’ll say it again.

But this time, I’m professing my love for the Kerupuk Ubi that I used to have as a kid, which only just last week re-emerged in my life.

As a little boy, I used to look forward to the trip to the filling station in Keriam, because they sold this kerupuk that was made by a poor single-mother with many children, so it became their source of income. But as a kid, such humanitarian sentiments were very much absent from my mind, although I was aware of that story behind it.

The kerupuk ubi was interesting to me because it looked like crumpled A4 sheets of paper that had been ironed out, but its clean taste of ubi kayu was unmistakeable.

So imagine my glee when I came across this old friend again after our long estrangement.

I don’t think these were made my the same old lady whose air tangan it was that I loved so much. But these were just as satisfying, bringing back that old ubi kayu umami I’d been missing. I wonder if that was made possible by the fact that the kerupuk was concocted simply out of ubi kisar, salt, chili, and some flour and then fried. I don’t know if that’s actually the process or recipe, but my point is that, the simplicity of ingredients has made the taste recognizable, no matter who made it. And the same goes for the other ‘simple foods’ that have endured time.

Just hope that old lady lived a happy life since I last saw her carrying her basket at the station.


2 responses

  1. Ok, first just wanted to say that I read ALLLLLL your posts from beginning to end in like 4 days saja….hahahah! I heart ur blog. Makes me laugh…which is especially difficult when I was reading it on a particularly slow Thursday afternoon in the office, paksa ku tahan ketawa ku….kang kana ucap setangah tiang kannn…
    Anyhooo, sebanarnya aku suka makan jua, iatah terpikat ma blog ani. Banyak makanan ku tais liur meliat. Segala rojak lah, seafood lah, dessert lah, kuih muih, mee etc, etc….heheheh! I was happy to read ur post on cucur sukun whilst also enjoying some yummy cucur sukun of my own…ahhhhh!
    Now, I want to ask, dmana kan belurih kerupuk ubi ani, sal aku tais liur kan makan!

  2. Hi Kindred Spirit! Thank you for your comment and for reading all my posts (nearly 2 years of it!)~ that’s made my day! :)))

    Im glad someone likes my blog! But i’ve been a little slack, lambat update lately ani. mainly because I’ve been having some problems with my camera, so the gambar lately have been pathetic. Will upload improved versions soon.

    Like you, I like my food, obviously. I hope to highlight foods I eat or find in Tutong mainly. The Kerupuk Ubi i bought at the Kadai runcit Tasbih (?)/ Cantika (?) in Kg Keriam, and they have a branch di Serambangun. But i bet the Kerupuk can be found in other kadai runcit, Orbit, etc. The producer sends them to various kadais. But tanya dulu berapa lama sudah ia antar, coz kdg2 kalau lama banar mcm berubah rasanya ada hapak sikit. not nice. :[

    Look out for updates soon k!

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