The Midnight Ulam

How’s this for a midnight snack??

Staggered back home very late past midnight last night after a 2-hour futsal game, and the obligatory post-footie “minum” session (God knows why!). As if in auto-pilot mode, walked right into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and after much sniffing around, settled for a still-fresh looking sambal belacan. A bag of ampalam muda was conveniently placed nearby.

Now, I’m well-known for my *ahem* will-power and strict dietary discipline, but macamana kan resist crunchy mangga muda dipped in spicy belacan sauce?? I was seduced.

But the midnight ulam mangga session was all done with the bestest intentions… of not wasting good sambal belacan, of not mensia-siakan our amah’s energy slaving away preparing the sambal, and of not disrespecting all the bubok who gave up their lives as they willingly floated into the lasung to be pounded-the-crap-out-of to give us the divine belacan!! I celebrate their glorious lives!

But ulam mangga is technically speaking “salad”, right? So it’s OK to have it at 1 am, I guess.


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