The Sporting Spirit, or maybe not.

Of late, me and my mates have been frequenting this “new-ish” place in Tutong town – a sort of month-long celebration of our half-ass and now-defunct attempts at sports revival last month.

Those attempts included, I’m proud to say, Hilltop running/jogging/spluttering* (Delete as necessary), a weekly spot of futsal, badminton at the weekend, and swimming. Not bad eh? Enough to put any national athlete to shame!

So proud were we of our newly-found sporting spirit that we decided to celebrate by minum almost every patang this entire month, as one does.

And what better place to celebrate this reawakening of our olympiad spirit than a new haunt for minum. Only appropriate.

Salam ~ A cosy and very clean little restaurant that’s very well-lit, with very well-laid out tables, and efficient waiters. Just ignore the OTT golden Air Muleh cornice designs on the ceiling. But most importantly it’s a good, unpretentious restaurant that serves your standard fare but has not ignored the humble Roti Kuning bakar, Roti Kosong, Cucur and Kuih Melayu.

A colourful welcome

Roti Kuning bakar (with kaya & butter filling) and Nasi Ayam Penyet

So you will appreciate the dilemma I face when my mobile beeps with the message “Minum?” as I’ve just switched off the engine at the car park of the sports centre, about to do my usual effortless 100 laps around the track or in the pool… One look up into the sky, and I convince myself I’ve just spotted the first make-believe tiny drop of “rainfall” … on a hot sunny day, and that more would come very soon. So baik tah minum kali eh… It’d be rude not to, really.

And the sport?? Let’s just say, it’s been a rainy month this one. *sigh*


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