Ice Cream Cupcake

Last year the country was besieged by an unprecedented craze for cupcakes. I found out later that this was in fact a global trend, and Bruneians, as always, were happy to embrace it. If I’m honest, I never quite understood the fuss, but it just so happened that last year’s Raya celebrations coincided with the fruit season, so surely this occasioned an opportunity for some creative experimentation.

And this was the inspired creation – the chunky Durian kuning ice cream-filled cupcake served with Mangga Manila puree, dusted with Pandan sugar. All natural ingredients and all came from either the kabun buah or roadside fruit stalls. I guess that’s the twist in this simple serving.

I thought it worked quite well. We all went for seconds… or thirds…


2 responses

  1. Thanks Kitty. Kalau buat sendiri sanang adjust sweetnessnya. Tapi kami pun nda rajin, bali saja, which is selalu manis.

    Thanks for visiting, pls come again 🙂

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