There’s plenty of thirst-quenchers to choose from down town!

Some weird and wonderful concoctions including these three more common ones…

Left to right:

Puspa with Kacang Merah, cincau grass jelly, ruby sago pearls, green cendol worms, grated ice, gula melaka sauce and a choice between equally unhealthy evaporated cream or Coconut santan milk. Here I chose the Santan.

The drink in the middle is the affably nicknamed “Starwars”. An inside joke. It’s actualy Tiga Rasa or Three Sours (which was once misheard as “Starwars”), a mix of Lemon juice, Kasturi or Calamansi juice, and a sour and salty preserved plum or Samboi. This would give you a real kick on a hot sunny day! The mild citric, sour, salty, sour and sweet ice-cold combination is a sure winner!

The third drink, the Cendol is one I’ve mentioned before, but no harm in repeating: Little rice flour paste with pandanus flavour and colouring, boiled briefly to create the sticky wiggly wormy finish. Served in grated ice and either Santan or milk, with some syrup.

This little cafe we were in had possibly 60 different concoctions, some just a wee bit unconventional- even by our standards!

Some of the more interesting drinks are Wheatgrass with Milk; Sarsi with lemon, Mango with milk. Must try next time.


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  1. Hi fellow foodie. The ‘Tiga rasa’ is available in many restaurants in Brunei, but this specific one was at Lee Loi Fat, Tutong. Give it a go!

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