Nasi Ayam Penyet

Isn’t this an Indonesian import?

It was as recent as 5 years ago that the word ‘Penyet’ first landed on my jug ears. My first taste of it was somewhat disappointing because what arrived on my table was a bowl of rice, some cucumber and carrot slices with some fresh holy basil, which I appreciated, and a piece of fried chicken leg that looked like it had been beaten to death twice over. Macam ayam kena pangkor sampai nantan!

Had it not been for the delicious spicy tomato sambal, I would probably not have eaten the meal.

That was five years ago, and Nasi Ayam Penyet has become a very common dish on offer in many restaurants now.

Not a big fan of it really but the sambal can get me going. Recently, I ordered this from my usual haunt, the now famous Tutong Waterfront. And this Nasi Ayam Penyet is different from others I’ve had.

My uncomplimentary description of the chicken leg above is based on experience. Most of the chicken portions are simply covered in flour and fried with little taste or seasoning, and then beaten to pulp in an effort to disguise it as tender fall-of-the-bone piece. A big fat fail in my book.

But this one in the picture above was different in that the chicken has been marinated in good home-made marinade, and left long enough to permeate throughout the meat. You could taste the mild turmeric flavour in every single bite of the chicken, and the meat is so tender because it was oven-roasted in good time. You could feel the love in the preparation of this dish, seriously.

The sambal was excellent too!

Pass with Distinction, A+


3 responses

  1. It’s basically Nasi Ayam. Penyet is just its Indonesian association. But try this one at Rose Corner (1st Stall, Taman Selera Tutong or “Waterfront” as we call it) ~ nyaman! Trust me!

  2. You should try the Nasi Penyet or Nasi Timbel and the Gule Kambing arah this Indonesian Restaurant di Ban..4/3, opposite building yang ada workshop.

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