Ramadan Buffets

Kolomee Seafood at Gerai Nyonya, Tutong Tamu Complex, Serambangun.

Even in her hectic life as a corporate careerwoman advising the rich and famous on their finances, and selling and buying stocks and shares in the billions, Maurina has found time to list eating places that offer excellent deals for sungkai during this fasting month here. Very useful, Mau. Cheers!


The Durian Dilemma

Here’s a problem I often face.

I walk into the kitchen, and see this:

Do I fend off the spiky evil? Of course not. Not at 2.30 in the morning.
So, maybe I’ll have just a little bit, and tinggalkan the rest for whoever yang punya this durian.

So really I should just have sesatar saja, and leave the other satars for erm other people (“anak nyipo” as my mum calls ’em), say this much only:

But that’s just impossible, you can’t just have one satar of durian cos there are always two sides to it.

And mum’s always said makanan yang nda kena makan will cry at night coz they’ve been wasted. Likewise I recall my Darjah 3 ugama teacher, in her attempt to reinforce my ‘muslim guilt’, saying wasted food will get their revenge. In my fertile imagination that conjured images of little beads of rice chomping away at my head while I slept, only for me to wake up in the morning with half a head, and much less of a whole brain. So the same guilt ate away inside of me now. In this case, little lumps of custardy durian kuning could replace my entire brain and I’d wake up unable to process the tiniest bit of information, but still able to emit funky smells. Oh the horror. So I couldn’t possibly leave that other satar of durian already exposed and uneaten, could I?

Again, of course not. Nor could I leave the other satars of durian. Burp!

The aftermath

But at least there were still a few more of them in my mum’s not-so-secret stash for her “anak nyipo”:

...although I suspect that one on the right is the illegimate son of the durian and a stripey tiger. But it could just be a little brush.

So here’s my conclusion: it is not possible to have just one satar of durian. Problem solved.

Puti Tuak Emas

Apparently that’s what this variety of banana is called- I never knew that.

They’re the fattest bananas I’ve ever seen, fat in the sense of their very full figure, and they’re straight unlike most other bananas, although they’re not quite as big as the Pisang Tanduk. To me, it’s that full figure makes it appear ‘juicy’ and rather enticing.

They’re quite sweet too, and one would certainly be filling enough, preferably with sesagun.

This description and these pictures here don’t quite do it any justice, so here’s my rather clumsy attempt to provide a comparison with my palm to give you some perspective of its interesting size.

Unfortunately, that’s just made me look as if I’m a two-fingered freak!

Sungkai: Bubur Labu

Here’s something we had for sungkai this evening.

It’s sweet pumpkin porridge or Bubur labu.

It’s the usual fare: pumpkin nuggets boiled in a pot of water with palm sugar and light coconut cream or santan. The santan is the sheen you see covering the porridge.

Possibly the easiest dessert to make- and the pumpkin can be replaced with tapioca, which I loike! But I have also seen versions with bananas added to the pumpkin. Depends if you like soggy limp bananas.

2nd Anniversary Post: Sweet Things

(The first bona fide post on this blog was strangely enough written on the first day of Ramadan two years ago. It’s puasa again today, 1st day for 2010. Selamat berpuasa everyone!)

… so, what I didn’t mention in my last post was that er, apart from the Puspa drink I had to wash down the laksa, I also had the Fresh durian ice dessert afterwards… as well as some cakoi… I was kinda hoping to get away with it, but Kindred Spirit commented on the puspa~ and she’s right, it wasn’t the best the drink to go with the laksa ~ so of course I had to have something else… kedapatan tia.

So the Fresh Durian Ice…

Nothing too different from the usual shaved ice, with sweet syrup, lychees (why??), some pearls and durian cream… and because we’re regulars, LOADS of it! Now if you’re a fan of durian, this will be a godsent to you, and if you’re not, well…

Tapi we ordered cakoi too kan? Yes, a plate of freshly made and hot cakoi, but it was too boring with just butter and kaya. So, we played with our food and created this:

Cakoi Cuts with Durian cream

Waste not what not! Hot cakoi topped with icy cold durian cream with sago pearls. Sensational!

I actually told restaurant they could use the idea, no royalty charged, but she didn’t seem too convinced. Mbahh jangan saja nyasal nanti… dont run crying to me!

More later! Must get ready for sungkai now. Allahumma laka sumtu wa’ala rizkika aftortu.