2nd Anniversary Post: Sweet Things

(The first bona fide post on this blog was strangely enough written on the first day of Ramadan two years ago. It’s puasa again today, 1st day for 2010. Selamat berpuasa everyone!)

… so, what I didn’t mention in my last post was that er, apart from the Puspa drink I had to wash down the laksa, I also had the Fresh durian ice dessert afterwards… as well as some cakoi… I was kinda hoping to get away with it, but Kindred Spirit commented on the puspa~ and she’s right, it wasn’t the best the drink to go with the laksa ~ so of course I had to have something else… kedapatan tia.

So the Fresh Durian Ice…

Nothing too different from the usual shaved ice, with sweet syrup, lychees (why??), some pearls and durian cream… and because we’re regulars, LOADS of it! Now if you’re a fan of durian, this will be a godsent to you, and if you’re not, well…

Tapi we ordered cakoi too kan? Yes, a plate of freshly made and hot cakoi, but it was too boring with just butter and kaya. So, we played with our food and created this:

Cakoi Cuts with Durian cream

Waste not what not! Hot cakoi topped with icy cold durian cream with sago pearls. Sensational!

I actually told restaurant they could use the idea, no royalty charged, but she didn’t seem too convinced. Mbahh jangan saja nyasal nanti… dont run crying to me!

More later! Must get ready for sungkai now. Allahumma laka sumtu wa’ala rizkika aftortu.


One response

  1. Yippee! New FOOD post!
    Ah-hah! rupanya..ada extended menu…
    Although I am a big fan of durian, but durian putih saja, durian lain warna I ain’t got the time for..aisey!, I can’t stand durian in any other form, like durian roll kah, kek durian kah, durian puff kah, bubur durian kah, bingka durian kah…so I won’t be trying ur cakoi wit durian ice cream anytime soon! LOL!

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