Puti Tuak Emas

Apparently that’s what this variety of banana is called- I never knew that.

They’re the fattest bananas I’ve ever seen, fat in the sense of their very full figure, and they’re straight unlike most other bananas, although they’re not quite as big as the Pisang Tanduk. To me, it’s that full figure makes it appear ‘juicy’ and rather enticing.

They’re quite sweet too, and one would certainly be filling enough, preferably with sesagun.

This description and these pictures here don’t quite do it any justice, so here’s my rather clumsy attempt to provide a comparison with my palm to give you some perspective of its interesting size.

Unfortunately, that’s just made me look as if I’m a two-fingered freak!


2 responses

  1. Probably the most interesting species is the Pisang Tembago with its copper skin, and golden sweet isi.

    Cant remember if i’ve mentioned it before, but i’ll do a write up when I come across it.

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