Pulut Kuning

The Yellow Sticky Rice! Maurina mentioned this just a couple of days ago, and tonight I found this menampayak on the kitchen table. It’s that time of the fasting month, when people are celebrating their khatam Al-Quraan, or having finished reading the whole Holy Book.

The Pulut Kuning is usually seen only on special occasions, and Khatam Al-Quraan is one such occasion. At the ceremony, where the final verses of the Quraan are read, the readers bring with them the Pulut Kuning or even Bunga Telur (decorated boiled eggs, often on a stalk of faux flower) to give away to guests. I guess the event dad went to tonight wasn’t attended by too many people, because he brought home the whole mangkuk of Pulut Kuning. Either that or there were in fact too many people and that was the only thing left inda kana tapau ~ coz usually the Pulut Kuning is accompanied by a portion of rendang or something~ seldom on its own like this. Anyway, I like it for the mild turmeric hint in taste, but I can’t have too much of the sticky rice. I tend to get sleepy when I have a bit too much of it. Huarrrghhh!!


2 responses

  1. Actually I do like it too. And for the same reason as you. But it’s a bit strange just having it on its own without any condiments or curry or rendang or something at least.

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