Sikoi Kuning

Speaking of things kuning, here’s an all time favourite! The Yellow Watermelon.

We used to grow these in dad’s watermelon patch down in Kuala Tutong when I was still a kid. We’d grow these on one side of the half-acre lawn and three types of red sikoi on the other side. Let’s just say business was brisk!

But here’s the thing, because the watermelon types were so close to each other, they cross-pollinated, and we’d get bright orange hybrids! Simply amazing! Now I don’t have pics as proof, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, the Yellow sikoi is easy to identify. To the untrained eye it may just appear like an ordinary stripey green melon~ except, the yellow sikoi stripes are deep green against a very light green hue. And sikois make a hollow clank when you flick a well-ripened fruit. See, dad taught me well. I’m sure this knowledge will hold me in good stead in my conquest for world domination. I can almost hear kneecaps trembling in fear as we speak.

This particular fruit was given to us by dad’s cousin who’s still in the melon business. This giant melon lasted us at least 3 Sungkais in a row! Really sweet- the fruit, not my uncle.


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