The Kuning Trilogy

You see, I could have put “durian” again in the title, but that would’ve been too predictable, right?

But here goes, this is yet another durian blog. But read and learn.

When people say “durian kuning” or “yellow durian” we don’t really mean your typical “yellow”. Malay semantics stretches the meaning to include different hues and intensities of the yellow shade ~ and might include bright orange and a delicious deep orange. And as if by magic, I have this picture to demonstrate my point.

Nyaman ah..?

But do I hear some of you ho-humming about the frontmost sample in the pic? Do I hear you saying, “But atu durian putih jua tu yang di dapan atu..!”

No, it’s not Durian putih- it IS durian kuning.

Here’s the evidence.

If you can’t see the difference I have two things to say to you:

First, the Durian putih in the background tastes more pungent but sweet. The Durian kuning in the centre tastes distinctively different.

Second, you are myopic 🙂


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