Look what I found!

It’s ironic that I found time to blog on the first morning of raya (while escaping the madness of Raya pertama), but not since, and more ironic, I’ve managed to do just that today, the last day of Syawal.

This raya season has actually been quite low-key for me, no openhouse or cooking for the usual suspects, and in fact managed to wedge in a much-anticipated trip to Bali and Singapore in Week 2 of raya, sekaligus missing out on a few invites. But Bali kali ahh! come on! I’ll tell ya more about that next time.

But what usually happens during the last few days of Syawal is people cramming Openhouses in the final few days, and you’re faced with 3 or 4 different invites to lunch, tea or dinner!

Yesterday alone, I had four to go to. So I was at the last house in mid-conversation with the host when I suddenly felt the urge to wipe my fingers, so naturally I reach into the right pocket of my baju melayu, and wrapped by fingers around what I thought was a squished up tissue paper ~ but something didn’t feel right!

So I’m looking down and to my horror I see this!

Wadapak?? It was a mostly-eaten roti paun bun!! How on earth did it get there?? More importantly, how long
had I been carrying that bloody bun around during my tour of makan? And I can’t quite recall seeing any roti paun bun in any of the houses I’d visited. Patut tah urang lari pasal ada bau roti… maula sa!

(More Raya posts coming soon)


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