Angkat Bakul Sikit

But not really. I mean, ‘angkat bakul’ is technically ‘boasting’ or in current lingo, to ‘big yourself up’…
which is not what I’m doing in this post because I’m letting Chester Keaseberry do that for me. He was featured in the on 28 August 2010 (I know I’m a bit lagging) and here’s a screen grab:

And amongst other interesting things he talked about, including his new pair of Vibram Five Fingers, Chester also recommended two blogs for people to check out, one of which was August13th.

Special mentions like these and kind praises from readers who bother visiting make me suddenly feel all warm and fuzzy inside which only I feel ~ it’s a bit like peeing in my pants, not that it ever happened…

So, thanks, Ches, and everyone else reading! Let me return the favour and direct you to Ches’ wonderful take on life as he sees it.

More posts soon!


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