Of Weird Tastes and Tongues

I don’t really know why I chose that title, nor do I know what the feck it means. But here’s the thing: you come into work, you get drowned in work, you skip breakfast and lunch, get back home at 5pm, but you gotta be at a work-related event at 5.30… you get the idea.

You’re obviously suffering from a severe lack of sugar and whatnot – shaking uncontrollably like a leaf hit by monkey piss . Nantan sa’ buyon! Only one thing to do – raid the fridge!

So, with 20 minutes to spare before I clock in again, I manage to devise what is possibly the worst tea-time combo ever! New York Raisin bagels, toasted and then coated with a generous layer of yeasty Marmite (which I later discovered to be 6 months past the expiry date), washed down with Lemongrass infusion tea. Results: very confused tastebuds, but a fuller belly.

As I speed-eat, and occasionally choke myself to near-death, I am reminded of a comment made by a baju-kurunged Australian colleague of mine where I used to work just a couple of years ago. Irene (which she insisted was pronounced ‘Ai-ri-ni’, and not ‘Ai-reen’) remarked on her bemusement at Bruneians’ weird foods and tastes… this as I gasped in horror as she stuffed herself with Sour Cream Pringles dipped in her mug of morning tea. I could only manage a meek but polite but also puzzled ‘hmm’.

To this day I still don’t fully understand what she was on about…


6 responses

  1. Salam bro… r u still up n about?…… good, that shows your weird taste and tongue survived the poisonous effect of taking expired marmites hahaha…

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha brother… InsyaAllah one of these days I’d like to have a drink with you, i hope your offer of centuries ago still stands, that if I ever were in Bandar with the missus, and u happened to be free, you’d take us out for a drink…. see u around bro.

  2. Walaikumsalam ww. I was up, but fell asleep with the laptop on my chest. Udah skrin laptop tehantuk ke mua baru tah tesadar… hehe A bit like ur daughter Aeesya aritu tetidur migang lpad. yep, I survived the marmite~ but with marmite, you can’t really tell if it’s bangas or not rite? Ia inda bangas pun rasanya revolting jua. haha. Bah if you’re in the neighbourhood, do let me text me ahead, I’m sure I can fit you in for lunch or something. See you soon! 🙂

    • You can get frozen ones from LIM GUAN HOCK (?) – kadai in the same block as Alimen Enterprise, Batu Bersurat. It specializes in imported foods. Bagels are frozen tho.

      But why is Vegemite barigali? I’m ok with Vegemite, but I can’t swallow Promite. But i really dont know the difference between the three, although i suspect Vegmite is veg-based.

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