Crustacean Bliss

Apart from being an Ubi-holic, I’m also a self-professed Udang-holic and Katam-holic ~ just can’t get enough of prawns and crabs!

So as I subjected the people of Bangkok (again) to the terror of my umpteenth visit recently, I simply couldn’t resist the beautiful blushing grilled prawns on the streets – trapped by unmistakeable wafts of burnt prawn shells (a bit like burnt hair, at times) slowly grilled over charcoal fire that meandered their way up my pollutant-filled nostrils, sending signals of unbridled craving and drooling to my tiny brain.

A kingly portion for a measly 150 Baht (about $6), served with tongue-paralysing hot green chilli sauce – homemade, no doubt.

Fantastically simple, yet superbly delicious!

But why can’t I get the same thing here in Brunei? Ada pulang, but kadang-kadang saja. We have prawns, don’t we? It’s just a wee bit curious that simple and honest foods like this aren’t as easily available as they should be. Allupurinol is just a Doctor’s visit away, afterall.


2 responses

  1. Hahahaha! *high five* sama!
    udang and katam holic here too!
    my mom buys udang d pasar bekilo-kilo, sampai kana ucap org bejual atu, ia tedapat restoran….hahahah! padahal kan membari makan anak-anak nya jua ganya…

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