Londres, Part Deux

And now I’m back in London for the second time this week. Seriously, being in 4 different timezones in the space of 5 days is really messing my bodyclock up, as well as my makan-clock. So it’s 11pm London time, and I’m peckish. Only one thing to do, walk down to Halal, the rather uncreatively-named yet delicious and laku restaurant across my place on Edware Rd.

Why on earth have I been writing about foreign foods lately, you ask.

Because, when I travel I like sampling local foods while finding some sort of relevance to Bruneian foods.

And because I am qolats mata berabis right now, I’ll do this rapid.

The middle-eastern restaurant has been a long-time favourite of mine, from it’s humble beginnings dulu masa lakat satu branch saja, until now ia ada sudah 4 branches around London.

Must-haves are:

Ani gambar perhiasan saja, this is just the menu cover. Don't get too excited yet.

I didn’t quite have all those above, but not too far off.


Bamiya is basically Okra or Ladies Fingers in hot and steaming tomato sauce. Excellent stuff when the night’s temperature is -6 Celsius. Just a bit of frost then.

Makannya sama this chapati-like roti.

Mesti jua sama these accompanying pickled chillis and olives.

The Nini Kebayan bawled when her yellow fingers were chopped off.

Dessertnya ani:

Fresh home-made baklava.

Then makan ani lagi, my all time favourite, lamb shawerma with (lots of!) garlic sauce:

And of course, I just had to have two of these shawermas. Tapi inda abis coz olredi I kebungkayangan sirrr…!

So kenapa kan mesti binge-eating mcm a bulimic baru kejumpahan biskut??

Padahal these foods semua ada in Brunei: Bamiya ada di Saffron or Ghawar (does this restaurant still exist kah?), Baklava ada di Baklasia Gadong, the Pickles and olives I’ve seen in Supasave and even Hua Ho, and the Shawerma ada di London Kebab Lambak and Sengkurong.

But somehow inda sama rasanya dengan yang di sini.

Tapinya, shawerma, kebab apa ani bukan jua asalnya di London!

Entah, aku pun nda tau sebenarnya and malas ingau pasal kalat mata ni. I’ll leave you to ponder on that fragrant fart from my semi-frozen brain, and perhaps you can then go on the solve the mystery of life.

Answers on a postcard or sila SMS jawapan awda ke nombor…


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