Nigella Lawson Saves the Day

Oh yes, she did! Well, actually, she saved a few days…

you see, come Christmas, I was scratching my head trying to come up with something nice for the table (we normally have Christmas lunch with family in Belait), but simply couldn’t think of anything simple yet novel enough. Until, that is, I came across Nigella’s show in which she was making some Christmas cakes with a very simple-looking sugar frosting that could go on just about anything. So, I thought, cupcakes it is then.

I used the readymix cupcake, sanang saja, jangan tah susah susah.

The frosting I saw Nigella make was simply half a block of cream cheese, half a block of unsalted butter, 500g castor sugar, and a teaspoon of vinegar to hold them all together. Now, if there’s anything I hate, it’s the sticky butter and grease when doing the dishes, can’t stand it. But this recipe seemed simple enough, I thought I’d give it a go.

And Nigella was right, it was easy, and it was tasty. And as it turned out, there was enough frosting to last a few days over the long year-end weekend.

The Christmas Cupcakes

The New Year’s Eve Swirls

The Three-Days-after-New Year’s Day and the Day-before-School-Reopens Chocolate Squares

So, Nigella’s recipe did come in handy, but I have a few confessions to make…

1. Nigella’s recipe said to put the red colouring into the cupcake mix, to get a Crimson cake as befits the Christmassy atmosphere. I accidentally put it into the frosting instead. Ia tah salah buat sebenarnya, inda ikut instructions.

2. I didn’t realise how much frosting I would end up with, so I had to be creative trying to finish it all off over several designs. The family must have thought I was being over-rajin with the baking. I just didn’t want to waste the cream.

3. Nigella simply spooned the frosting over the cupcakes, but when I did it, it looked a right riot. Inda lawa. So the tacky rainbow sugardrops and the chocolate rice were really just to disguise the mess.

So, thanks to the lovely and generously-endowed (in culinary skills, that is) Nigella, the holiday celebrations with the family were a tad bit sweeter and more colourful. One thing I couldn’t understand was why I didn’t quite get the same reaction Nigella normally does when I licked the cream of the spoon whilst leering sideways… my nephew stormed out of the room screaming out loud, “Disgusting!!”


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