Petit fours Melayu

As usual when I’m getting some work done on the car – this time it’s the tyres – I strategize to Military precision and try to find a garage with a good restaurant nearby. Nothing more boring than sitting in the hot garage waiting for what’s promised to be a 30-min job that often turns out taking a lifetime and a half.

And so I’ve ended up here in a cool and spacious Malay restaurant downtown, Aminah Ariff to be precise, where they have old style Kuih Melayu including these babies, my self-designed petit fours:

So you’ll see clockwise from the top the Pulut Pusu (glutinous rice with spicy anchovies), the Bingka Ubi (steamed tapioca pudding coated with coconut), the Kusui (steamed rice pudding coated with coconut) and the Kuih Gatas, a flattened rice cake coated with sugar.

The Bingka Ubi is easily the best I’ve tasted in a very long time. In fact it’s so nyaman I feel like shoving it down the throat of this very loud and noisy Pa’ Aji at the table nearby and let him have a taste. Seriously, listening to a pensioner boast about his sleazy exploits in Pontianak was NOT what I’d bargained for when I got out of bed this morning – I think I’d much rather this pre-historic chunky TV came loose and fell flat on me…

… WITH the added weight of a full-bodied chanteuse Sharifah Aini who’s on screen, and her equally generous twins.


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