E P I C F A I L !!!


Big Fat Fail for the long absence and zero update hitherto.

I’ve got plenty of reasons for this though; not the least being the unrelenting business at work. You see, I got somewhat of a ‘promotion’ at the beginning of the year… Whereas in my previous position I used my alak-alak and tongue to clean the boots of my bosses, as of January, I now use my tongue to lick ’em clean. On very good days, I get to wear a necktie and use a buffing cloth. My sights are set on being permanent boot cleaner Tingkat III, and once that happens, I’m set for life, I tell ya.

Another reason for the lack of updates is that I’d lost a whole of data including pics, vids etc upon a clumsy click of my overly obese digit. The whole lot- gone!

A few things I’ve managed to salvage could still be used though, and this I hope to do very soon.

In my absence, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic this blog has been getting. So, to whoever stopped by and indulged my psychologically-disturbing obsession with food – and even those who perhaps were horrified by it (I think) – Thanks.

I shall be back, soon. Right now, the bosses are back from their walk in the park. Let’s hope they haven’t stepped on any mud, or worse. God, have mercy.