American Idol 10 and an Icy Delight

As I’ve neglected this blog for a few months now, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I remember the last time I thought of properly posting something here the 10th season of American Idol was just starting (January). For the record I don’t usually follow the whole series, I find the weekly live rounds and elimination rather boring. But the first few weeks of audition around the US highlights the best talents, and dredges up the absolute worst – and the hillarious and simply barking mad.

So now that the show’s ended and the winner announced (prematurely tua-sounding Scotty, above), I feel obligated to rewind events.

So there I was in plonked on my couch in front of the TV, semi-decent, just back from work, ready for the first show, in full anticipation of the hillarity of the unashamed and over-inflated egos. Hungry as a kuda, I raided the fridge and got ready to unwind and enjoy the show.

‘A lovely cake with chocolate and vanilla centre’, you might think, and quite justifiably. You might even go further and think ‘Kek Tapak Kuda tebalek’.

But No, not a perfectly sliced cake. But frozen durian monthong. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, surely you’re not surprised.

For those blissfully saved from my reach, until now, I have a thing for durian – simply put.

And to ensure I can have my dosage of durian whenever I need it, I freeze them for out-of-season consumption, such as on this fateful day of American Idol 10 inauguration.

I admit my obsession for durian is a tad worrying, and it doesn’t help that I skive from my Durianers Anonymous (Tutong Chapter) weekly meetings… but I do foresee a potential market for this icy durian serving… even if the market only comprises of equally durian-mad freaks like me.


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