Psychedelic Treat

Too often, I buy foodstuff because they’re just so attractive and eye-catching rather than because of their flavour, like this one:

I bought these colourful cupcakes simply because I was mesmerized by the psychedelic colours. They were also only a dollar. And I was also a bit late for work, so I thought I should buy some “pemanis” to bribe my colleagues with and avert death stares as I walked into the office. Works like a charm.

I look at these pics and can’t stop thinking “hippopotamus” – for some inexplicable reason – maybe it’s the pink spots, and I associate pink with hippos. Entah.

But I didn’t actually eat any of these cupcakes because at one point they looked like diseased mushroom heads and rather toxic. So I gladly offered them to my workmates for coffee, as I sat and watched them gobble the cakes down – half-anticipating one or a few of them to keel over backwards, legs akimbo and up in the air, and blue in the face from something like food-poisoning. That didn’t happen, unfortunately, but I still felt queasy from the saturated colours.

And am I the only one who thinks that these garish and gaudy cakes are a bit “poklen”? Again, I won’t even attempt to explain it.


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