Chicken Diovolo

Fasting from dawn to dusk makes me have unprecedented cravings for food I wouldn’t normally care for.

Like this Fettuccine Diovolo – a spicy tomato and roasted capsicum-based dish, with Italian grilled chicken sapak.

But here’s the odd thing, I don’t normally eat Fettuccine or other broad-sized pasta or noodles for that matter (Kuay Tiaw included).

My Repressed Memory Therapy sessions have revealed that my disfavour resulted from one near-death experience involving precisely Kuay Tiaw during childhood. I remember on my way back from school, dad used to stop and tapau some Kuay Tiaw goreng from the Chinese makeshift restaurant which was rather precariously located behind the Maria Filling Station smack in town, or from another makeshift outfit by the Tutong River run by the legendary Hj Tuah (of Soto Hjh Tuah fame). Notice the ‘makeshift’ theme in these ‘restaurants’. On one unfortunate occasion, the thick noodles I’d put in mouth just wouldn’t budge and was lodged in my throat. I have no recollection of what happened next. You see, after much unchoreographed animation and running around in circles – which my parents probably thought were just my latest rendition of an expressive dance – I probably passed out.

I do hope my next therapy session will recover some more memories, for me to find ‘closure’, as they say. ahem.

In case you’re wondering, I did finally make peace with the Kuay Tiaw, and by implication all other broadsized noodles or pasta, around 2003. It was at CA Mohammed in Gadong, with my friend Tom, whose Kuay Tiaw it was that I’d initially tasted saja, and then proceeded to finish sampai licin.

So there you go. The fettuccine I made wasn’t half bad at all. In fact, it was so good, I made it again for sungkai the next day. I still like my spaghetti and mee hoon though.


7 responses

  1. fuhh…. nasib ko inda manti Dol hahahahah… Anyway, I have my own version of nearly broad noodle – Linguine with Creamy Chix Mushroom sauce BUT you have to come over to taste it 😛
    take care brother.
    Salam, jimi

    • hehe Salam Bro Jimi. Take my stories which a pinch of salt. haha. Your Linguine sounds delicious. So you don’t do deliveries I guess, huh? hehe InsyaAllah some day bro. take care & thanks for reading my ramblings ;p

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