Sahur: Bubur Pulut Durian

Actually, I’m not even sure that’s what this thing’s called. Yes, I’m a shit blogger who can’t be bothered to establish such basic facts. But when you’ve been without sleep with a throbbing headache, it’s the last thing you’d think of doing at 4.30 am.

Anyway, this was what I had for sahur this morning, Day 16 of Ramadan, to last help me survive today’s fast. I don’t normally eat much during sahur, it’s the water and fluids that I really care for, rather than food.

But I succumbed to this silky porridge of glutinous rice with durian this morning. A very simple dish, simple is good. But of course I had to top it off with extra fresh durian. Would be rude not to.

Selamat berpuasa!


2 responses

  1. Since you love Durian so much, let me tell you about this kek roll that i bought from TM Majeed Kilanas yesterday. It was a kek roll durian kuning and it caught my attention. i expect it to be just smelling of durian but instead got a heavy taste of durian kuning that it “melakat di alak-alak”… nda alang-alang orang atu mbagi durian arah roll nya ah!! Nyum-nyum. Dua roll for $10 tho 😦

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