Lada Pirek

How do you like your Kembayau?

In Bandar area they usually have theirs with a bit of sugar.

In Tutong we prefer it salty and savoury.

But some time last year someone asked if we can goreng Kembayau, jadi tumis.

I thought, well, why not?

But continuing on the ‘hot and spicy’ theme I thought I’d share with you a rather peculiar way I have my Kembayau.

Get some Bird’s eye chili (Lada padi) and spoonful of salt, a few drops of water and “pirek” (squish) away… et voila, and instant dip that gives you an instant hot hit and instant satisfaction.

Hot, Hot, Hot..!!!

Hot, Hot, Hot..!!!

Try at your peril!


4 responses

  1. nyaman niii… when i was a kid and stayed at my grandma, i always had nasi kabun spinkled with salt & lada pirik for my lunch bento. nyumm

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